Handy Hands and Handy Minds (Get involved and volunteer!)

We are looking for those in the congregation who have handy hands, handy minds or extra energy, who can come together to tackle some projects which need to accomplish. These involve doing some things to improve the appearance and functionality of our spiritual home and some things that will provide opportunity to work on our spiritual selves.  

So the next time you are at BUUF in the Founders’ House take a look at the new bulletin board on which you will find sign-up sheets for five different “Do It Ourselves” project activities.  We have the project descriptions and sign-up's located below in easy to access forms by way of links to the “Sign-up Genius.” Sign-Up Genius just requires you to set up an account using your email address and a password. You never get sent emails unless they are reminders for things you have signed up for. Of course, you can always just let me know of your interest.

- Barry Thomas

The projects range from participating in volunteering to help with our monthly Hospitality House meal (see Sharing BUUF Duties to the left), to forming a quarterly discussion centered on the UU World, to cleaning up a bookcase.  Please take a look to see if there something that offers an appealing way for you to get together with some others and get something done for the Fellowship that will make it an even better place.  Brief descriptions of our projects follow: (If you come up with another idea, just let me know.  We can amend the list!)

  1. UU World Discussion Group -- The UU World, the magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is published four times each year – winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each issue contains a cover story along with commentary and a variety of contributions that stimulate our thinking, cultivate our spirituality, and remind us of our community responsibilities as we grow as free individuals and develop our faith.  If you would be interested in taking the opportunity that each issue provides to discuss thought provoking ideas and challenges with fellow members and friends, please sign-up.  We will also need a coordinator to facilitate the process of getting together as each issue appears.  The winter issue, just received in early November, would provide a good base from which to start for the discussion group.  One subject is the meaning of “standing on the side of love.”  The discussion group would meet at a time the group chooses four times each year in coordination with the arrival of each UU World magazine.
  2. Book Discussion Group -- The wooly worms say that it will be a cold and snowy winter.  To combat cabin fever in February/March, a periodic gathering to discuss a good book would make good sense.  If there is a book you would like to read during the long, cold winter evenings and, then, discuss with like-minded or unlike-minded friends in the warmth of the Founders’ House lounge, select a book and attach your name as facilitator below.  Then, let’s see if there are some others who would also like to read your selection and join a discussion.  Recommended timing is February/March but day and time can be up to the participants.