Religious Education Youth Programs

The Religious Education Committee mission is to maintain ongoing programs of classes and other educational and inspirational activities, in order to nurture a caring community that empowers our members and friends to develop their spiritual, intellectual, and ethical identities based on the UU principles, in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and support.

Childcare: (3 years & under)

Two childcare attendants are available to care for your youngest children, under age 3. You may drop your children off upstairs at the Children’s Playhouse as early as 9:30 for Adult Forum and pick them up for coffee hour and to be able to attend the first part of the service. Three and under are also welcome to stay there until pickup at 12:15pm. They will be provide snack during the 11am - 12:15pm service hour. Please introduce yourself and your child to our childcare attendants and take some time to help your child feel comfortable. Our Director of Religious Education coordinates our childcare. Contact Allison Rollans at with any questions.


The Helping Hands
(ages 6 – 8)

Children leave the service around 11:20 and follow our teacher to the classroom in the upstairs of the Founder's House (the larger classroom). We engage children in activities and discussions to help them become aware of who they are as Unitarian Universalists and the principles that inspire us. We also have games, stories, puppet shows and activities that build community and fellowship. The children take on responsibilities and participate in the fellowship activities in meaningful ways. 


Youth CONferences
The Mountain

The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center is an ecologically conscious retreat center that has been inspiring people of all ages for more than 30 years with enriching programs, a caring environment and amazing beauty. At 4200 feet, the views span far and wide across the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. 
A Youth CONference is a gathering of youth from congregations for a weekend program filled with a variety of workshops, activities, delicious food, a safe environment and warm cozy cabins. Youth participate in all the activities, share with new friends in small get-to-know-you groups, bond during free time, and contribute to times of fun and reflection.
Upcoming Dates: (Fall 2017)
Elementary (ages 8 - 11) - Nov. 3rd - 5th
Intermediate (ages 11-14) - Nov. 10th - 12th
High School (ages 14-18) - Dec. 1st - 3rd


The Chalice Children
(ages 3 – 5)

Our Chalice Children enjoy using the wonderful space at The Playhouse. Our teacher creates hands-on learning activities that draw in the kids to explore and participate in our lessons. The group begins by having a gathering circle, then moves on to a craft or movement activity and finishes with a healthy snack. Our curriculum is based on the Seven UU Principles. We have one teacher and one adult helper at each class.   



*Spirit2aliT & F8th
(ages 9 - 11

This group will be examining our word through the lens of film -- Our Popcorn Theology curriculum explores life's lessons and choices through movies! Our teachers are excited to challenge our youth to navigate their faith through viewing short clips, engaging in discussion & thought and by working together. This group takes the lead on many of our Youth lead programs throughout the year; Valentine's Day Performance for our friends at Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living, Earth Day Performances & our always loved Holiday Pageant.

YoUUth  (grades 7-12th)

Our YoUUth students leave the service at 11:20 and explore themes such as religious and spiritual traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Native American, Buddhism, etc. along with what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist as a teen. In past years, this class has worked on the BUUF Story Corps Documentary Project, an oral history of our Fellowship members and their participation in social justice issues. The enjoy exploring others and themselves as they relate to the world. World religions is often an area they explore. They are also committed to community service learning.