Welcome to BUUF!

We are glad you have chosen to visit our area and welcome you to browse our website to learn more about us. If you have specific questions, please feel free to call (828-264-4456) or email!

Upcoming Services

Sundays in August:

Sunday, August 5

9:30am: Adult Forum. This week’s discussion topic: “Meeting People's Eyes, Meeting People's Hearts.” We are a Welcoming Unitarian Church. However, does saying "Hi, how are you, where are you from?" on Sunday mornings inviting and really making space in our community for a person?

Childcare is available beginning at 9:15 in The Children’s Playhouse.

10:30am: Coffee and snacks in Founder's House.

11am Program: “Amidst the Gathering Dark, Paths of Resistance,” presented by Sandie Gravett. Service Leader: Kathy Parham.

Gravett, Professor of Religious Studies, has taught at Appalachian State for over twenty years. In this presentation, she will focus on the decline of religion in America—why that decline is happening, and what that decline might indicate about building communities, even religiously diverse communities, that can work together on issues of justice and equity. Can such efforts offer hope to people who are increasingly isolated in our culture? As playwright Tony Kushner writes: “The smallest indivisible human unit is two people, not one; one is a fiction.  From such nets of souls societies, the social world, human life springs.”

                                                                            Sunday, August 12

9:30am: Adult Forum. This week’s discussion topic: “Intimacy: or, Into Me You See!” It is a knee-jerk reaction to define ourselves by the roles we play with other people. Are we hiding behind labels? What descriptions would you really like persons to know and remember about you?

Childcare is available beginning at 9:15 in The Children’s Playhouse.

10:30am: Coffee and snacks in Founder's House.

11am Program: “What is Hell?” presented by Suzanne Paszkowski and Dawn Wicklow. 

 A message of HOPE for these trying times we are living in! Dawn and Suzanne heard this sermon by Rev. Roberta Finkelstein, a UU interim minister. They were so inspired that they asked for her permission to present it to our BUUF congregation. It seems even more timely than ever and they wanted to share her thought-provoking and encouraging message with you!

          Also as part of the Program: Community Giving for local helping-hand initiative Quiet Givers.

Sunday, August 19

9:30am: Adult Forum. This week’s discussion topic: “Finding My Soul through Artistic Expression.” Attempting to define and describe “the Soul” may be too difficult in words. Artistic persons instinctively know how to express “soul” without using words.

Childcare is available beginning at 9:15 in The Children’s Playhouse.

10:30am: Coffee and snacks in Founder's House.

11am Program: Homecoming. Service Leader: Jen Hayward.

In keeping with our quarterly program theme of joyous community, we begin our BUUF “school year” with a party, with an opportunity to see and visit with old friends and to grow new relationships. Our short service will include a children’s story and a celebration of the members who have joined BUUF in 2017 and 2018. We’ll then segue into a delicious brunch—and if you’d like to make your favorite baked goods or another dish for the brunch, go to our Sign-Up Genius page for the event (www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0E4DAFA829AB9-aug) and tell us what you’ll bring, or contact Craig Fischer (craig_fschr@yahoo.com) or Jen Hayward (jencranehayward@gmail.com).

12:45pm: Youth Group Orientation Meeting, Grades 6th-12th

Lunch will be served at BUUF from 12:45-1:15; then parents and kids will join Travis, Tamara and Allison to discuss our youth programs for the coming year and hear what parents and youth envision. 

Sunday, August 26

9:30am: Adult Forum. This week’s discussion topic: “Addiction: The Persons Left Behind.” People with addictions can have a devastating impact on families, friends, jobs, and other routine rituals in life.  We may desperately attempt to live a "normal" life in spite of this, but is this realistic?

Childcare is available beginning at 9:15 in The Children’s Playhouse.

10:30am: Coffee and snacks in Founder's House.

11am Program: “My Story,” presented by Patrice Gaines.

Service Leader: Greg McClure.

          Patrice Gaines, social activist and student at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte, will share her road to redemption and healing with us. “As a teen I struggled to believe I mattered or had any worth in this world. I sought comfort in drugs, particularly heroin, and love, which led me to one abusive relationship after another and a horrific rape and abuse. The road to recovery began after my arrest and conviction on a drug charge in Charlotte. On my path to change I was helped by strangers whose names I’ll never know. The journey has been long and especially painful because the community has not always welcomed me. But there were always those in the community who stood with open arms, hugs and an encouraging pat on the back.”

After Service: Serendipity Potluck Lunch in Founders House.



Welcome Families: We have a place for your child(ren) on Sundays! BUUF welcomes all ages. Childcare or Religious Education classes for children is provided during all of our Sunday Morning Scheduled events. Beginning at 9:30 AM children (ages 0-4) can go to the Playhouse where they will be cared for by two Childcare Attendants. Children and Youth (ages 3+) are encouraged to attend our service as able (@11am) and then go to our Religious Education classes at 11:20. Parents please pick up your child(ren) by 12:15 PM. 

If you have any question or comments: Please contact Director of Religious Education Allison Rollans at acrollans@gmail.com

Services begin at 11 A.M. Refreshments and strong coffee/tea will be available at 10:30 in the Founder's Home.

**If you are A Member here at BUUF, please take a moment to fill out one of these forms. We are trying to make sure that we have accurate and up to date contact information for everyone. These forms will be in the order of service on Sunday mornings, or you can copy, fill out, and email this form to our Administrator at: booneuuoffice@gmail.com 


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Additional Information:

Upcoming Community Events

Saturday, August 4

Back 2 School Festival

The Back 2 School Festival was founded on the belief that every child deserves to start the school year feeling confident and prepared. A child that feels confident is more likely to succeed. We provide school supplies, new shoes & socks, backpacks, haircuts, activities, helpful information and healthy food in an atmosphere of fun, dignity and respect. We offer relief for local parents who are working hard to make ends-meet! We help teachers by providing the tools their students need to succeed. We help any Watauga County families struggling to afford the high costs of sending their children back to school. For more information, consult www.back2schoolfestival.org/about/ 

Saturday, August 4-Sunday, August 5

Ashe County Studio Tour

BUUF's own Dottie Baker and Dawn Wicklow are among the artists selected to participate in the Ashe County Studio tour on August 4-5, 2018. Tour participants will discover art studios located all over the county—in and around West Jefferson, Jefferson, Crumpler, Laurel Springs, Todd, Creston, Warrensville, and Lansing. Most of the studios are not usually open to the public, so this is a rare opportunity for people to see where these artists work and at select locations, to watch them as they create their art. And it doesn’t hurt that getting there takes you through some of the most beautiful mountain countryside the High Country has to offer! Please go to the Ashe County Arts Council website (http://ashecountyarts.org) for more information. 

Wednesday, August 15

5:30pm: BUUF Program Committee Meeting in the Founders House. All are welcome.

6pm: Watauga County NAACP Meeting. The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. The Watauga NAACP meets every third Wednesday of the month in the BUUF Sanctuary. For more information, contact watauganaacp@gmail.com 

Thursday, August 23

5pm: Hospitality House Meal, served by Suzanne Paszkowski and Dawn Wicklow. If you’d like to help prepare and serve the dinner, contact Suzanne at suzannecnm1@gmail.com

Monthly Events

Second Wednesday of the month: August 8thLast Sunday of the month: 
Join us for Serendipity Lunch on August 26th
All are welcome.

Hospitality House: BUUF members and friends volunteer to provide a dinner and serve dinner every 4th Thursday of the month!

Our Sunday Morning Schedule

9:30 AM Adult Forum begins, Childcare is available at the Children's Playhouse beginning between 9:15 and 9:30.

10:30 AM  Coffee and snacks in Founder's House. 

11:00 AM  The Sunday Service begins in the Sanctuary and children and families are welcome to attend. Find the red bucket in the corner to find our children's busy bags and books.Children ages 6 and older are welcome in the first 20 minutes of the Sunday Service, before being sung out to Religious Education.

11:20 AM  Children are sung out of the service to their Religious Education (RE) classes. (School year age only.)

12:15 AM  Parents pick up the younger children (ages birth - 6 years) from The Playhouse. 
12:15 AM  Parents meet the older children (7+ years) in post-service social hour at the Founder’s House.

12:30 AM  The Playhouse & Founder's House are closed.